Frequently Asked Questions about Lilac and Poly


1. How do I order?

Firstly, how many members do you want on your Ornament?

-Go to the Shop page, find the listing with the amount of members you want and select that one.

-Add pictures! You can upload pictures right to your order. 

-Add description. 

-Add banner text. I prefer you keep it short and only add one line of text, otherwise it takes away from the ornament.


2. Who counts as a member? 

Pets and people count as members. So if you have 2 adults, 1 child, 1 baby and 1 dog you would like on your ornament, that would be a 5 member ornament. I put the same attention to detail to everyone and try to capture all members of the family!

3. What if I want more then 6 members?

Please reach out to me first if you would like more then 6 members on your ornament. I think 6 fills up an ornament pretty well but on occasion it will work to have more. I prefer to consult with my clients about it first to make sure it will work. In some cases its best to break up into more then one ornament rather then squeeze all onto one. In the case the case we do add on you would order a 6 member and the use the "add a member" listing for the additional members.

4. How much does an Ornament Cost? Cost is based on how many Members are on the ornament. They start at 1 member and go up from there.

5. Do you ship outside of the US? I ship to the US and Canada right now.

6. How much is Shipping? it is free with in the US and $12 to Canada.

6.  What does "add a Member" mean?

I have the add a member listing for the occasion in the section above. Or if you order a wedding ornament, and you want to add children or pets, you would use that listing to add them to your ornament/portrait.

7. Does my ornament/portrait, have to be "Christmasy"?

No! a lot of people want a clay portrait they can leave out year round and I love that! I added a dropdown that asks if you want christmas details or not. Just answer yes or no and I will see that with your order.

8. What are the Christmas details?

The Christmas details I add are snowflake imprints in the background, holly berries on the sides of the banner text, maybe more wintery clothes. If you want a Christmas tree in the background, I have a separate listing for that called "add a tree". If you request no Christmas details, I would leave that off and do more of a general look to the portrait. I always include hearts on the sides unless otherwise requested!

9. How Can I customize?

I customize each ornament by using pictures to recreate the people in clay form, personalize banner text, background color/Christmas details. I usually take a look at the pictures and create an ornament based on the inspiration I get from your photos but you can always request a look that you would prefer. If you want a silver base and blue sweater, add that in your notes and I am happy to oblige. otherwise I will be inspired to create something unique just for you. 

10. What if I want something I haven't seen in your previous work.

Ask! Email me and see if it can be done. I always like a challenge but I will be honest with you if I don't think it is possible.

11. Can I purchase and send as a gift to someone else?

Yes! I always send the ornaments in a gift box with a note so just let me know its a gift for someone else and I will send a note with it from you. Also, be sure to have it sent to their address instead of yours if you want it to go directly to them. 

12. Do you send pictures before the ornament is shipped?

I do not. Everyone has always said how much better my work is in person, that the pictures don't do them justice. So I prefer that the first time you see your ornament it is in person! 

13. What if there is a problem with my ornament?

Occasionally there are mistakes made, mine or the clients, and they need to be fixed! once you receive your ornament and see an issue, reach out to me right away! I'm happy to fix any errors and will let you know how to procced! 

14. How long will it take to receive my ornament?

It depends, during the off season it can take as little as a week from ordering to shipping. But during busy season it make take up to a few weeks, I will let you know an estimated time frame. 


15. When is the last day to order to receive before Christmas? 

That also depends. I have to keep an eye on how many orders I get and how may I can complete before Christmas. I usually cant guarantee for Christmas after November 10th. 


16. What if I have more questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions or inquires you may have before ordering. I'm a one woman operation but I will always personally answer any emails and questions you may have!