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These ornaments can serve a dual purpose. They function as a family portrait, capturing a specific moment in time and preserving the memory of your family during that year. Additionally, they can be customized without any Christmas details, allowing them to be enjoyed throughout the year.


Pets are a cherished part of any family, and some deserve to have their own special spotlight. These ornaments can be customized with or without Christmas details and can even serve as beautiful memorials to honor beloved pets.

Special Occasions

Special events and occasions can be commemorated with their own ornament. I enjoy tracking my family's milestones, from engagements to weddings to a baby's first Christmas and the introduction of new pets.

This is our third time buying our family Christmas ornament from Lisa and we love them more and more each year!! She puts so much thought and care into all the details and ships them out so quickly. Definitely one of our favorite family traditions each year!


Incredible! This came so quick and it is adorable. Looks just like my pups. I got an ornament as a gift for my mom and now I’m sad I didn’t get one for myself too!


This ornament perfectly captured our little family. The use of detail really blew me away. I don't know that I've ever looked at a purchase and just felt so much joy. I can't keep from smiling when I see it. It arrived to me even quicker than I had expected, too. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


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